Augment Health

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Augment Health

I am blogging here about augmenting our appears to me that alot of persons from all walks of life are extremely concerened about this...Hopefully I can ease and be encouraging on this, and possibly offer some answers. here is a link that can lead you to some of those answers...and possibly answer some of those questions and possibly give you some real "HEALING" where it really counts. I have had friends and others come to me, telling me that they read from "this doctor" or "that book" or seen on "TV" or heard on a radio program some exotic tidbit. They run to the store to buy this junk or spend a bazillion dollars to buy this product through the mail and all they got was empty wallet and NO benefit. In North America at one time we could get all of our nutrition from our food..Our Soil was rich in nutrients....or animals actually were fed things that was by design is meant for them to eat.....cows used to eat grass not other cows....chickens were fed grasses and worms, not being debeaked and force fed this soy based grain mix which inevitably causes diseased birds or were allowed to feed in oceans and now we farm fish which does not have the same quality and effective level of nutrition..and the list goes on....Multinationals are poisoning the land with there chemicals to " protect the harvest" but in reality they are causing a mutation of the land by producing hybrid insects that not only destroy the crop but the land and environment as well...the Killer Bee comes to mind...we are genetically Modifying crops not to reproduce the seed, it grows harvested and dies without replenishing the seed....funny thing I read in a holy book once that you could eat anything that reproduced of itself...make sense to me, if it is genetically able to reproduce itself, then it would support or reproductive ability to reproduce ourselves without any concerns for health of the human race....
today we are courting disaster, on every front ....we worry about the animals running free ..we worry about air pollution....water pollution...and anykind of environmantal pollutants....but we all over look the obvious....nutritional pollution...from foods to supplements...
protein powders for years have carried two toxic chemicals in them acesflame K, which in laboratory experiments caused thymus cancer in rats, aspartame which has more dangers to it then a time bomb, and yet the manufactures still kept putting this inside the foods...and some of them now are adding soy to it....I never understood why anyone would go to such great lenghts to purify a whey product ( creating isolates and hydrosalates) and then turn around and contaimanate there products. I never understood why the grocery stores would still be putting additives and colouring agents that they know full well is a potential for liver damage and immune dysfunction...keep in Mind what goes in you keeps you or kills you...The discomforts many suffer from are a result of these contaimantes and pollutants right in our foods...and the amount of food you consume ...the more you eat....the more poison you ingest, and alot of these poisons go uncheck reside in you for years, causing unnecessary damage. The big kicker here is that you go to a doctor...ones usually who don't believe in to much ( being indoctrinated for 8 years with negative or non pertinent information) will give you a pill...or tell you it's all in your head...instead of actually diagnosing the real issue "POISON" and prescribing the right antidote for the right poison.
This page will hopefully give you some answers click and look up the links and see what can transpire in your life....who knows you might find an antidote to your poison


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