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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Nonsense of the vitamin industry

THE Nonsense of the vitamin industry
Ever go into a Vitamin Store( so called health food store ) and see all the different vitamins? Mutiple Vitamins,, B Vitamins, Antioxidants, Enzymes,
Fiber Products( totally stay away from them they can be harmful) or you see or hear a product line that does everything but boil's enough to confuse you and spin your head around....THEN THERE IS THE INFORMATION...that is being distributed about the product which for the most is design to sell there products ( which by the way is the best in the industry has all the research and uses the finest quality....yada yada yada) What are you Supposed to do? clarity is as clear as mud.
One thing you can do is research....valid research and not just hyperbole nonsense to get you to buy any of these products, Secondly....Get what only you need and what you are trying to do, you don't need a shopping cart full of vitamins to be healthy ( I had this experience where a young gal came into a store and I consulted her, she was buying 30 products, I asked her, why and she said "she read that they all were good", I responded as to what she was trying to do, when she told me , I explained how these things work and how unnecessary it was to spend 400$ for what she needed and to spend 50$ instead)....Third thing to do is seek out people like myself who have been in the industry and who know what really works and what is BS pay them for there info ( 25-50 dollars is a reasonable value) and stay clear away from anything with a doctors face or a doctor line coming from a doctor ...that's poor marketing...the Multi level vitamins are also a farse you can get alot of the same thing at a 75-85% reduction at a health food or vitamin store that does the same thing...Regardless of the claims they are making.
Remember always these are supplements, Augmenting or assisting or filling the void the foods are deficient in and to replenish your bodies with the right nutrients, whether they be vitamins, herbals, Protein powders, tinctures, or whatever form of supplement you are using....check the blog above andclick on the web page on this blog this is a good place to start......It is NOT THE ONLY PLACE to get info ...but deifinitely a good place to start....see the catalog as well....see the enzyme link....the additive link...the workshop link just to get you started..and peruse and Use this page as you need to and pass it on to those who you think might need to get a better understanding about health

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