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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Healthy Living

Ever read a magazine and they have articles on '''what is healthy'" Makes me wonder at times who is writing these articles, and where they get there info!!!! It seems to me that the one thing they all do with there articles is to take a smidgeon of truth and then broadcast it to a marketing scheme. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing....Most of you could use the help with the concept of healthy eating much less the idea of healthy living....and some of you have ideas on what is healthy and are no where near the concept....others of you have been doing the suggested media nonsense on what is healthy only to find out that you're suffering from some kind of dysfunction and can't figure out the why's and the how come, " I am doing everything right and I still suffer from "xyz" or I can't seem to get my body weight down...or my blood pressure is up and my cholesterol is up and I eat fibre like no tommorrow" and then you read these articles from the "EXPERTS" and then you wonder!!!
I look on the stands all the time, there is a a montage of magazines that have the " answers" and yet the north american continent is laced with health issues like no end. FOOD as Medicine and Medicine a FOOD, is what the greek physicians used to say....look at all the fad diets out there ...None of them work....look at all the ethnic diets out there ....a whole lot healthier and work the million dollar question is why do they work? the answer is easy the diets are rich in the right fats....adequate amount of antioxidants and highly nutritional....if we ate those diets there would be hardly a need for medications... Good for the citizenry...bad for the drug companies, medical establishment, and the chain that is connected to this insanity called "Healthy Living"
Here are 2 things that have so many healthy properties and an impact on health....and hardly no one writes or even giving them any exposure or rather the exposure is extremely limited
these 2 things can impact ...cure ( YES CURE) and impact your health on such a high level.....yet there exposure is moderate, if hardly at all. Ginger alone has nearly 500 different properties as well as garlic....and there therapeutic properties have yet to be fully Understood....and there both part of just about any ethnic diet or cookery. Now you will see Soy articles left right and center, and a majority of those articles are extremely bias, mostly fictional, and are not the panacea it is being sold as, Yet these other 2 things are what I have expressed....and if you research will be easily impressed.
Look at the blog link above and click on the link below and see the herb of the day will be a start....and whatever you do ..."EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS" and don't just follow the market trends, that could get you sick....
Stay Healthy by being informed, stay current with what is coming, but make sure it is not Marketing just to get you to buy stuff....Don't be decieved!
Utilize what works!!!
This is the key to Healthy Living.....


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