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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DNA Damage Click here for answers!!!

DNA Damage

Food Pollutants

Air Pollutants

Water Pollutants

Equates==== DEATH by Unnatural CAUSES!!!!


Clean Earth

Clean Air

Clean water

EQUATES==== TO HEALTH And Longevity

If your food is or has been chemically treated…artificially enhanced with synthetics….has had soy additives (had established by 1980 that soy food for human consumption had an estrogenic equivalence of more than 16 parts per billion of DES. ) what is DES? (Diethylstilbestrol is a synthetic estrogen that caused cancerous birth defects in the daughters of women who took it while pregnant.) Nitrates, Nitrites, Colouring Agents( yellow # 5 or 6red # 40 ..etc) then you need to re evaluate the Pollutants you are consuming. Be aware that some of these same pollutants are being sold in your vitamins and supplements …..from basic everyday nutritional supplements to your more elaborate bodybuilding supplements…in the end it can diminish your health, shut down your internal organs from operating in the way they were intended to, as a result you have MAN MADE DISEASES…..and you weren’t meant to be enslaved to sickness or disease... But what can be done can be undone, All poisons have an antidote…all Man Made Diseases have an antidote …it just takes time to heal and the right answers.


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