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Thursday, October 19, 2006



Ever hear about exercise? and everyone is doing all kinds of activities...Weight training or body building.....running ( you see them all the time down here running, running, running..... not sure if they know where they are going but the are definitely in a hurry to get...where?) and you hear all the pundits about
which is better to do as exercises..Pilates...Yoga....Cycling.....Weights...Sport activities....and the list goes on. What everyone overlooks is walking!!!!! When I was younger...when the dinosaurs walked the earth....I used to play hockey...lift weights....cycle.....played soccer...ran track.....played ....swam ...hiked .....well you get the idea...but now that I am as ancient as I claimed, I am in still good shape....I can run down a bus still hahah ask my son!!!! and I still love to cycle....if I lift weights ( seldom) it is a lighter amount...I no longer feel the need to lift a building on my back. Besides I don't have the time or the inclination....BUT I still love to walk... and I do lots of that. The one thing walking does is give the heart a chance to rest ..... and by so doing it strengthens the heart as well it allows for stress levels to well it can also be a time of meditation.....thinking about solutions...or just easing out of or into a is an inexpensive way to keep body mass down and health can do wonders for your respiratory system, especially if you are in an office structure or indoors all day, not to mention you get a dose of sunshine ( hopefully you are in an area where it is sunny) which in turn can supply your daily dose of Vitamin D ( which we all know can help in the fight against cancer of the Prostrate for men and breast for women...not to mention better absorption of calcium) so walking has many benefits to keeping you healthy and fit....Just think about marco polo walking to China ...the man lived along time....he didn't drink pop or eat JUNK FOOD....he ate all raw foods...and drank raw milk....ate chinese food ( which by the way was adopted by the Mediterranean's, and later was called italian food) so you see if you eat right and do moderate exercise and get some fresh air you to can have the health of Marco Polo...and all you have to do is .....WALK!



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