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Monday, October 23, 2006

BMC= Body MASS Composition click here!!!!


Body Mass Composition....what is it? is it the same as weight loss? is it having a six pack? is it having a V shape?...... The reason I am writing on this amazes me the advertisements and the BS being sold today to help people reduce Body Weight....every where I walk I seen ads ..." sign up now for a 90 day membership" or take this supplement " scientific studies have claimed ....etc etc etc" :like I said before, I have been doing alternative health for some time and have been in the industry....and can tell you that alot of the supplements being sold today as "Weight Loss Products" are nothing more then a blank check ....and the Diets ....I have to shake my head at all of them...Garfield said it right " all a diet is is a die with a T" and the pudgy fellow is right...every one has heard of diet for your blood type....protein diet...grain diet....vege diet...liquid diet....amino diet.....flush cream diet....ketogenic diet...and the list goes on and on and on. If you try any of these diets ...any of them ...they will all work for a short period of time...anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months....and then they quit!!!!!!! What everyone overlooks is why they work and why they quit working......and why certain supplements work in assisting in BMC and others are a waste of money....1st I will go into what I have seen work and work almost all the time...REDUCING INTAKE of foods and snacks....yep this works....but only for a short period of time...and you might even see a pound or 5 drop in 2 weeks...then there is the "WILL" to stay with this...Now usually after 2-4 weeks of reducing calories and maintaining this behavior you will see a continuous loss in BMC but the key is maintaining this discipline....the second thing I have seen work effectively is exercise and a food regimen with a higher ratio of protein to carb and fat ratio ( atkins was right about this, he just went overboard on his ratio....but nonetheless he was right) Now I seen lots of persons reduce there BMC with this with NO COMPLICATIONS....and they maintained there weight but lost MASS....NOW the common denominator in all the "CHANGE IN DIETARY LIFESTYLES" Once you grasp this and see what is really going on you won't have to spend HUNKS of money on "Dietary Fads" you see you get the way you look as a result of poor dietary and activity habits...Not to mention that alot of the foods are so high in estrogens and other unwanted chemicals, that they literally shut down your pancreas....thyroid and small intestine absorption and digestion are so impeded, that you feel unsatiated and as a result you keep eating......signals from your stomach to your brain are not getting through "telling you to stop eating" and as a result you keep on gorging yourself...overworking your whole system ....and then there is a breakdown.....then there is the "WONDER PILL" that is going to solve this problem....never happen!....I have seen L phenyalanine work on the brain receptors to shut down the hunger signal.....but with all the aspartame that is consumed it eventually became ineffective to most who tried it ( yep NO Aspartame) then there was ephredine and caffeine worked well and was the best thing I have ever seen work all my years in the industry I have seen more people lose BMC, even the US military tried this and seen the effect, and there report was all to make it really safe all that was required was B5 vitamin and magnesium...Now if you had insulin issues or high blood pressure or a heart condition, this was the only ones that should not have used this product...Now I have heard people use CLA an unless it is marked with the isomers 9,11 c10 12 it was ineffective, it had to have those particular isomers listed and they should be derived from safflower or sunflower sources ...Not anything else....this would have been a safer alternative for those with insulin or heart issues, more expensive , but some countries even the pregnant women used CLA in there diet and as a result was easier to get back there shape....and the babies benefited from this as well.....Now these are the things I have seen work....the things I have seen marketed of late in the health food industry ....well lets say I would never "SUGGEST" these products...1st they are questionable to fulfill the hype....second they are way over priced....and if I wanted to pay for air ....I still would not pay what they are asking for.....If you see a Proprietary blend on anything you buy ( unless you make it yourself) be extremely leery, chances are it is snake oil, "AGAIN I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS" what I do Recommend is that you read your labels 2nd thing I 2-4 pound a week is all you should be losing, if weight loss is what you are trying to do...the studies show clearly that when the loss is this low, the body seems to lose it and keep it off without the rebounding effect it ( your body ) doesn't miss a small amount being has to do with our genetic evolution as a hunter and gatherer ...feast or famine...we are designed to store excess for when the lean times appear....since we have the convenience of eating anytime we want to, we seemed to have done away with this trait and now we have an obesity issue. V shapes and 6 packs are a result of dieting and really watching food intake as well as mega exercising on a higher level then most are accustomed to....doesn't mean you to can't achieve this ...but then again there would have to be some real changes in not only activities, but what goes in your system. Watching labels is key...if you have a thyroid issue or a pancreas issue then definitely no SOY...and watch the sugars ( fruits and high fiber sugars are usually acceptable). Exercise doesn't have to be fact you should start any regimen slowly and work your way up to the more difficult you do your BMC will change....from walking to cycling ...weights any sport activity....swimming, running...or whatever strokes your fancy.....Hope this helps and Illuminates YOU!!!!



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