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Monday, October 23, 2006

Cloned Meat click here!!!!

Would you eat cloned food?
Interesting question eh? the FDA is seriously considering the idea... you know it's a peculiar thing......with all the genetically modified plants that are causing mayhem in health....and with all the hormones they are putting into livestock... ( which is a form of GML= genetically modified life)we are heading toward a genetically altered life style.....this cannot be good...especially if you believe in the domino effect....knock one down and it causes a chain reaction with the others standing in the way of the one falling...sort of unraveling here is a couple examples of playing with genetics or the bull or cow above these animals have been genetically modified....would you consume the cow...or drink the milk now this is just in the animals....what about the plants like cotton, or corn, or wheat , or the wonder food soy...these to have been altered by adding either insect hormones or crossing them with other species of plants that they were never meant to pollinate with so you see it has begun with plants and now there is a strong consideration for livestock....Seems we have developed into a concept that Money talks and nothing else matters....I often wonder are we genetically modifying the soil in which these crops grow....or the insects that are feeding on them what is happening to there genetics...what if we put in a human genome in the plants as a deterrent? will these insects that normally feed on grasses or other plants all of a sudden develop a taste for flesh? we are altering everything...the corporations that produce alot of this are are also developing "suicide seed" this means that the plants are sterile when the reach full bloom and cannot reproduce anymore seed!!!!! that has got to play bedlam on our own reproductive system sooner or later...imagine a whole new wave of infants born sterile!!!!! who really knows...this experiment will take at least 10-20 years for the results, by that time the earth might just revolt I don't know about you but I like my planet...I like the fact things can grow and I like the fact that life can makes.....Life...I like the fact there is a certain Bio rhythm to things......a balance to the equation....but then again I like what I consider normal...Hell it's my I can make it normal ....for instance eating foods that help me be alive like that "wascally wabit" see him eating his carrot...and this was before GMO...imagine today ....elmer might have gotten him because the GMO carrots might have given him a turtle shell instead of a bunny tail...or a third eye or something bizzare...To think at one point in time before the 2nd world war people were actually living to there 80's and 90's before we started tampering with genetics...and in some parts of the world they were living up to 120 ( the hunzas) ....Now it's odd these cultures never had the issues we have today.....hmmmm makes me think.....maybe we should study not so much genetics ...but maybe life sciences ..including earth and man and how we can develop things to keep everything more harmonious....rather then Modifying ....maybe we should see what really works and go from there..... Be well and Keep informed... Her is a link that might inform you...

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