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Thyme & Lime

2 examples.... ThymeLime of what can keep you DIS—EASE Free….what can they do? How can I apply them? How can they Help me?

Thyme Properties : We will see how this herb can effect you internally and externally

First Internal USES …..

Physical and Mental stimulant stimulating blood flow to the brain

Nerve Tonic…Brain stimulant ( affecting intelligence)

Aphrodisiac Effects Hypertensive ( can elevate blood pressure)

Apertif ( increase appetite) Antispasmadic ( calming spasms )

Stimulates production of white blood cells, in infectious diseases

Diuretic, Sudorific ( causing sweat ) Emmenagogue
( menstrual flow )

Carminative ( relieving Gas ) Vermifuge ( expelling worms or parasites)

External USES….

Antiseptic (A substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms.)

Bactericide ----- any chemical agent that destroys bacteria ---- what is bacteria? (various species of which are involved in fermentation, putrefaction, infectious diseases, or nitrogen fixation. )

Antiputretactive (Counteracting, or preserving from, putrefaction; antiseptic. )

Cicatrising (new tissue that forms over a wound and later contracts into a scar )

Antirheumatic (alleviating or preventing rheumatism) Rheumatism (any disorder of the extremities or back, characterized by pain and stiffness )

Paraciticide (an agent or preparation that destroys parasites )

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Cloned Meat click here!!!!

Would you eat cloned food?
Interesting question eh? the FDA is seriously considering the idea... you know it's a peculiar thing......with all the genetically modified plants that are causing mayhem in health....and with all the hormones they are putting into livestock... ( which is a form of GML= genetically modified life)we are heading toward a genetically altered life style.....this cannot be good...especially if you believe in the domino effect....knock one down and it causes a chain reaction with the others standing in the way of the one falling...sort of unraveling here is a couple examples of playing with genetics or the bull or cow above these animals have been genetically modified....would you consume the cow...or drink the milk now this is just in the animals....what about the plants like cotton, or corn, or wheat , or the wonder food soy...these to have been altered by adding either insect hormones or crossing them with other species of plants that they were never meant to pollinate with so you see it has begun with plants and now there is a strong consideration for livestock....Seems we have developed into a concept that Money talks and nothing else matters....I often wonder are we genetically modifying the soil in which these crops grow....or the insects that are feeding on them what is happening to there genetics...what if we put in a human genome in the plants as a deterrent? will these insects that normally feed on grasses or other plants all of a sudden develop a taste for flesh? we are altering everything...the corporations that produce alot of this are are also developing "suicide seed" this means that the plants are sterile when the reach full bloom and cannot reproduce anymore seed!!!!! that has got to play bedlam on our own reproductive system sooner or later...imagine a whole new wave of infants born sterile!!!!! who really knows...this experiment will take at least 10-20 years for the results, by that time the earth might just revolt I don't know about you but I like my planet...I like the fact things can grow and I like the fact that life can makes.....Life...I like the fact there is a certain Bio rhythm to things......a balance to the equation....but then again I like what I consider normal...Hell it's my I can make it normal ....for instance eating foods that help me be alive like that "wascally wabit" see him eating his carrot...and this was before GMO...imagine today ....elmer might have gotten him because the GMO carrots might have given him a turtle shell instead of a bunny tail...or a third eye or something bizzare...To think at one point in time before the 2nd world war people were actually living to there 80's and 90's before we started tampering with genetics...and in some parts of the world they were living up to 120 ( the hunzas) ....Now it's odd these cultures never had the issues we have today.....hmmmm makes me think.....maybe we should study not so much genetics ...but maybe life sciences ..including earth and man and how we can develop things to keep everything more harmonious....rather then Modifying ....maybe we should see what really works and go from there..... Be well and Keep informed... Her is a link that might inform you...

To Your Health

BMC= Body MASS Composition click here!!!!


Body Mass Composition....what is it? is it the same as weight loss? is it having a six pack? is it having a V shape?...... The reason I am writing on this amazes me the advertisements and the BS being sold today to help people reduce Body Weight....every where I walk I seen ads ..." sign up now for a 90 day membership" or take this supplement " scientific studies have claimed ....etc etc etc" :like I said before, I have been doing alternative health for some time and have been in the industry....and can tell you that alot of the supplements being sold today as "Weight Loss Products" are nothing more then a blank check ....and the Diets ....I have to shake my head at all of them...Garfield said it right " all a diet is is a die with a T" and the pudgy fellow is right...every one has heard of diet for your blood type....protein diet...grain diet....vege diet...liquid diet....amino diet.....flush cream diet....ketogenic diet...and the list goes on and on and on. If you try any of these diets ...any of them ...they will all work for a short period of time...anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months....and then they quit!!!!!!! What everyone overlooks is why they work and why they quit working......and why certain supplements work in assisting in BMC and others are a waste of money....1st I will go into what I have seen work and work almost all the time...REDUCING INTAKE of foods and snacks....yep this works....but only for a short period of time...and you might even see a pound or 5 drop in 2 weeks...then there is the "WILL" to stay with this...Now usually after 2-4 weeks of reducing calories and maintaining this behavior you will see a continuous loss in BMC but the key is maintaining this discipline....the second thing I have seen work effectively is exercise and a food regimen with a higher ratio of protein to carb and fat ratio ( atkins was right about this, he just went overboard on his ratio....but nonetheless he was right) Now I seen lots of persons reduce there BMC with this with NO COMPLICATIONS....and they maintained there weight but lost MASS....NOW the common denominator in all the "CHANGE IN DIETARY LIFESTYLES" Once you grasp this and see what is really going on you won't have to spend HUNKS of money on "Dietary Fads" you see you get the way you look as a result of poor dietary and activity habits...Not to mention that alot of the foods are so high in estrogens and other unwanted chemicals, that they literally shut down your pancreas....thyroid and small intestine absorption and digestion are so impeded, that you feel unsatiated and as a result you keep eating......signals from your stomach to your brain are not getting through "telling you to stop eating" and as a result you keep on gorging yourself...overworking your whole system ....and then there is a breakdown.....then there is the "WONDER PILL" that is going to solve this problem....never happen!....I have seen L phenyalanine work on the brain receptors to shut down the hunger signal.....but with all the aspartame that is consumed it eventually became ineffective to most who tried it ( yep NO Aspartame) then there was ephredine and caffeine worked well and was the best thing I have ever seen work all my years in the industry I have seen more people lose BMC, even the US military tried this and seen the effect, and there report was all to make it really safe all that was required was B5 vitamin and magnesium...Now if you had insulin issues or high blood pressure or a heart condition, this was the only ones that should not have used this product...Now I have heard people use CLA an unless it is marked with the isomers 9,11 c10 12 it was ineffective, it had to have those particular isomers listed and they should be derived from safflower or sunflower sources ...Not anything else....this would have been a safer alternative for those with insulin or heart issues, more expensive , but some countries even the pregnant women used CLA in there diet and as a result was easier to get back there shape....and the babies benefited from this as well.....Now these are the things I have seen work....the things I have seen marketed of late in the health food industry ....well lets say I would never "SUGGEST" these products...1st they are questionable to fulfill the hype....second they are way over priced....and if I wanted to pay for air ....I still would not pay what they are asking for.....If you see a Proprietary blend on anything you buy ( unless you make it yourself) be extremely leery, chances are it is snake oil, "AGAIN I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS" what I do Recommend is that you read your labels 2nd thing I 2-4 pound a week is all you should be losing, if weight loss is what you are trying to do...the studies show clearly that when the loss is this low, the body seems to lose it and keep it off without the rebounding effect it ( your body ) doesn't miss a small amount being has to do with our genetic evolution as a hunter and gatherer ...feast or famine...we are designed to store excess for when the lean times appear....since we have the convenience of eating anytime we want to, we seemed to have done away with this trait and now we have an obesity issue. V shapes and 6 packs are a result of dieting and really watching food intake as well as mega exercising on a higher level then most are accustomed to....doesn't mean you to can't achieve this ...but then again there would have to be some real changes in not only activities, but what goes in your system. Watching labels is key...if you have a thyroid issue or a pancreas issue then definitely no SOY...and watch the sugars ( fruits and high fiber sugars are usually acceptable). Exercise doesn't have to be fact you should start any regimen slowly and work your way up to the more difficult you do your BMC will change....from walking to cycling ...weights any sport activity....swimming, running...or whatever strokes your fancy.....Hope this helps and Illuminates YOU!!!!


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Ever hear about exercise? and everyone is doing all kinds of activities...Weight training or body building.....running ( you see them all the time down here running, running, running..... not sure if they know where they are going but the are definitely in a hurry to get...where?) and you hear all the pundits about
which is better to do as exercises..Pilates...Yoga....Cycling.....Weights...Sport activities....and the list goes on. What everyone overlooks is walking!!!!! When I was younger...when the dinosaurs walked the earth....I used to play hockey...lift weights....cycle.....played soccer...ran track.....played ....swam ...hiked .....well you get the idea...but now that I am as ancient as I claimed, I am in still good shape....I can run down a bus still hahah ask my son!!!! and I still love to cycle....if I lift weights ( seldom) it is a lighter amount...I no longer feel the need to lift a building on my back. Besides I don't have the time or the inclination....BUT I still love to walk... and I do lots of that. The one thing walking does is give the heart a chance to rest ..... and by so doing it strengthens the heart as well it allows for stress levels to well it can also be a time of meditation.....thinking about solutions...or just easing out of or into a is an inexpensive way to keep body mass down and health can do wonders for your respiratory system, especially if you are in an office structure or indoors all day, not to mention you get a dose of sunshine ( hopefully you are in an area where it is sunny) which in turn can supply your daily dose of Vitamin D ( which we all know can help in the fight against cancer of the Prostrate for men and breast for women...not to mention better absorption of calcium) so walking has many benefits to keeping you healthy and fit....Just think about marco polo walking to China ...the man lived along time....he didn't drink pop or eat JUNK FOOD....he ate all raw foods...and drank raw milk....ate chinese food ( which by the way was adopted by the Mediterranean's, and later was called italian food) so you see if you eat right and do moderate exercise and get some fresh air you to can have the health of Marco Polo...and all you have to do is .....WALK!


and go to the workshp link and scroll down till you see the ORGANIC definition

For years I have been telling everyone that the foods that the are buying, that are labeled "organic" was a marketing another doctor is coming out and stating the very same thing I have been saying for years ( where have they been?) I have been telling everyone "PEEL EVRYTHING"...I explain all the time I get info from all over the planet ( I am of the few that looks at everything from all over rather then just from one country's source) and get info all the time on the sprayings of foods from other countries ( philipines china india south africa...etc) even on my web page in the work shop link I state on there what organic really means....I will state what it doesn't mean in this DOES NOT MEAN Pesticide Free.....It DOES NOT MEAN Herbicide Free....IT DOES NOT MEAN CLEAN OR PURE......but they usually have less toxins (about 30% less) the price worth it????...It is a matter of perspectives....I will tell you my account on Just eggs ( there is alot of Bull S^^%$ on the free range and open caged ) I have been buying my eggs direct from a farm( NOW THAT IS TRULY ORGANIC) and the eggs , though white , are more a bluish coloured ( notice the white egg on the bottom...tha's how most chicken eggs actually look like...and the brown egg notice how light the colour...not a paint job to look like a brown egg eh!!!) and are very hard, and the yolks are almost reddish orange....NOW THAT"S AN EGG and that's the way it supposed to be...Not these painted brown eggs that have no strength in the shells...and are almost yellow yolk....that is a mutant of an egg... a deficient chicken eating SOY and GRAINS ...and no worms or bugs....SICK chickens produce weak eggs ...Now this is true as well on the Term "Organic" in other parts of the world Organic means what is defined to mean= = = "CARBON BASED" and so if they spray ...copper on fruits ...or other types of pesticides...even the ones that are banned in the USA...they can still say "BY Definition ...ORGANIC, because all fruits and veges are "CARBON BASED" does anyone read anymore? is where you need to click to get to the link that will lead you to the workshop and you can see for yourself...
The health you have is Under siege by everything you can imagine, Doctors and pharma corporations look at you as a wallet filling treasure.....the system looks at you as a commodity waiting to be exploited......I have been in an industry that is supposed to be ethical in there quest for health ....sad to say it is is about dollars and cents....I have helped people all the time ( yes for free) remedies to offset the poisons in the foods they eat....Since i have been in Phoenix Arizona I don't eat there chicken here.....I had to live on unpasteurized goats and cow milk.....I got leaner and all kinds of toxins came out including mercury fillings....anything with wax on it I PEEL...and SO SHOULD YOU...I don't know how many people i seen in one week with gall stone issues...that was given a remedy and seen them pass ( one lady passed 15 in one day after the remedy) the waxes mixed with the chemicals they use as pest control can play havoc on your gall bladder and liver....SO PEEL EVERYTHING!!! 50 years ago they told everyone how the Nutrients were in the peels....that is not the case anymore...what is on the peels are indigestible waxes and pest prevention chemicals PEEL THEM!!!! the washes are useless against the waxes...ORGANIC is a Sales term don't get caught up in SPIN and FEAR...that is the New religion of the DAY ....
TO YOUR HEALTH ....clean everything you eat and neutralize the poisons and contaminants in your foods!!! go to this blog and find the link on top and

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DNA Damage Click here for answers!!!

DNA Damage

Food Pollutants

Air Pollutants

Water Pollutants

Equates==== DEATH by Unnatural CAUSES!!!!


Clean Earth

Clean Air

Clean water

EQUATES==== TO HEALTH And Longevity

If your food is or has been chemically treated…artificially enhanced with synthetics….has had soy additives (had established by 1980 that soy food for human consumption had an estrogenic equivalence of more than 16 parts per billion of DES. ) what is DES? (Diethylstilbestrol is a synthetic estrogen that caused cancerous birth defects in the daughters of women who took it while pregnant.) Nitrates, Nitrites, Colouring Agents( yellow # 5 or 6red # 40 ..etc) then you need to re evaluate the Pollutants you are consuming. Be aware that some of these same pollutants are being sold in your vitamins and supplements …..from basic everyday nutritional supplements to your more elaborate bodybuilding supplements…in the end it can diminish your health, shut down your internal organs from operating in the way they were intended to, as a result you have MAN MADE DISEASES…..and you weren’t meant to be enslaved to sickness or disease... But what can be done can be undone, All poisons have an antidote…all Man Made Diseases have an antidote …it just takes time to heal and the right answers.

A comical Reality about your health

Now here is a simple concept of a symptom and not a cause ...yet we all look at a symptom...and deal with that, rather then the cause..... here is another thing we try to deal with, and it's a cause, rather then the effect of a toxic environment, and the effect it does is try to clean up the environment , by trying to bring to the surface depeleted minerals so that the soil can stay alive...what do we do? we try to exterminate it so we can have our fantasy of feelings is sod off and life on!!!!
click the link and see a cartoon anime on cause and ewffect in regard to our health ...and then click on the 2nd link below the 1st one to help you get started...or the one below this blog...

to you health

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Healthy Living

Ever read a magazine and they have articles on '''what is healthy'" Makes me wonder at times who is writing these articles, and where they get there info!!!! It seems to me that the one thing they all do with there articles is to take a smidgeon of truth and then broadcast it to a marketing scheme. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing....Most of you could use the help with the concept of healthy eating much less the idea of healthy living....and some of you have ideas on what is healthy and are no where near the concept....others of you have been doing the suggested media nonsense on what is healthy only to find out that you're suffering from some kind of dysfunction and can't figure out the why's and the how come, " I am doing everything right and I still suffer from "xyz" or I can't seem to get my body weight down...or my blood pressure is up and my cholesterol is up and I eat fibre like no tommorrow" and then you read these articles from the "EXPERTS" and then you wonder!!!
I look on the stands all the time, there is a a montage of magazines that have the " answers" and yet the north american continent is laced with health issues like no end. FOOD as Medicine and Medicine a FOOD, is what the greek physicians used to say....look at all the fad diets out there ...None of them work....look at all the ethnic diets out there ....a whole lot healthier and work the million dollar question is why do they work? the answer is easy the diets are rich in the right fats....adequate amount of antioxidants and highly nutritional....if we ate those diets there would be hardly a need for medications... Good for the citizenry...bad for the drug companies, medical establishment, and the chain that is connected to this insanity called "Healthy Living"
Here are 2 things that have so many healthy properties and an impact on health....and hardly no one writes or even giving them any exposure or rather the exposure is extremely limited
these 2 things can impact ...cure ( YES CURE) and impact your health on such a high level.....yet there exposure is moderate, if hardly at all. Ginger alone has nearly 500 different properties as well as garlic....and there therapeutic properties have yet to be fully Understood....and there both part of just about any ethnic diet or cookery. Now you will see Soy articles left right and center, and a majority of those articles are extremely bias, mostly fictional, and are not the panacea it is being sold as, Yet these other 2 things are what I have expressed....and if you research will be easily impressed.
Look at the blog link above and click on the link below and see the herb of the day will be a start....and whatever you do ..."EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS" and don't just follow the market trends, that could get you sick....
Stay Healthy by being informed, stay current with what is coming, but make sure it is not Marketing just to get you to buy stuff....Don't be decieved!
Utilize what works!!!
This is the key to Healthy Living.....

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The Nonsense of the vitamin industry

THE Nonsense of the vitamin industry
Ever go into a Vitamin Store( so called health food store ) and see all the different vitamins? Mutiple Vitamins,, B Vitamins, Antioxidants, Enzymes,
Fiber Products( totally stay away from them they can be harmful) or you see or hear a product line that does everything but boil's enough to confuse you and spin your head around....THEN THERE IS THE INFORMATION...that is being distributed about the product which for the most is design to sell there products ( which by the way is the best in the industry has all the research and uses the finest quality....yada yada yada) What are you Supposed to do? clarity is as clear as mud.
One thing you can do is research....valid research and not just hyperbole nonsense to get you to buy any of these products, Secondly....Get what only you need and what you are trying to do, you don't need a shopping cart full of vitamins to be healthy ( I had this experience where a young gal came into a store and I consulted her, she was buying 30 products, I asked her, why and she said "she read that they all were good", I responded as to what she was trying to do, when she told me , I explained how these things work and how unnecessary it was to spend 400$ for what she needed and to spend 50$ instead)....Third thing to do is seek out people like myself who have been in the industry and who know what really works and what is BS pay them for there info ( 25-50 dollars is a reasonable value) and stay clear away from anything with a doctors face or a doctor line coming from a doctor ...that's poor marketing...the Multi level vitamins are also a farse you can get alot of the same thing at a 75-85% reduction at a health food or vitamin store that does the same thing...Regardless of the claims they are making.
Remember always these are supplements, Augmenting or assisting or filling the void the foods are deficient in and to replenish your bodies with the right nutrients, whether they be vitamins, herbals, Protein powders, tinctures, or whatever form of supplement you are using....check the blog above andclick on the web page on this blog this is a good place to start......It is NOT THE ONLY PLACE to get info ...but deifinitely a good place to start....see the catalog as well....see the enzyme link....the additive link...the workshop link just to get you started..and peruse and Use this page as you need to and pass it on to those who you think might need to get a better understanding about health

To Your Health

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Augment Health

I am blogging here about augmenting our appears to me that alot of persons from all walks of life are extremely concerened about this...Hopefully I can ease and be encouraging on this, and possibly offer some answers. here is a link that can lead you to some of those answers...and possibly answer some of those questions and possibly give you some real "HEALING" where it really counts. I have had friends and others come to me, telling me that they read from "this doctor" or "that book" or seen on "TV" or heard on a radio program some exotic tidbit. They run to the store to buy this junk or spend a bazillion dollars to buy this product through the mail and all they got was empty wallet and NO benefit. In North America at one time we could get all of our nutrition from our food..Our Soil was rich in nutrients....or animals actually were fed things that was by design is meant for them to eat.....cows used to eat grass not other cows....chickens were fed grasses and worms, not being debeaked and force fed this soy based grain mix which inevitably causes diseased birds or were allowed to feed in oceans and now we farm fish which does not have the same quality and effective level of nutrition..and the list goes on....Multinationals are poisoning the land with there chemicals to " protect the harvest" but in reality they are causing a mutation of the land by producing hybrid insects that not only destroy the crop but the land and environment as well...the Killer Bee comes to mind...we are genetically Modifying crops not to reproduce the seed, it grows harvested and dies without replenishing the seed....funny thing I read in a holy book once that you could eat anything that reproduced of itself...make sense to me, if it is genetically able to reproduce itself, then it would support or reproductive ability to reproduce ourselves without any concerns for health of the human race....
today we are courting disaster, on every front ....we worry about the animals running free ..we worry about air pollution....water pollution...and anykind of environmantal pollutants....but we all over look the obvious....nutritional pollution...from foods to supplements...
protein powders for years have carried two toxic chemicals in them acesflame K, which in laboratory experiments caused thymus cancer in rats, aspartame which has more dangers to it then a time bomb, and yet the manufactures still kept putting this inside the foods...and some of them now are adding soy to it....I never understood why anyone would go to such great lenghts to purify a whey product ( creating isolates and hydrosalates) and then turn around and contaimanate there products. I never understood why the grocery stores would still be putting additives and colouring agents that they know full well is a potential for liver damage and immune dysfunction...keep in Mind what goes in you keeps you or kills you...The discomforts many suffer from are a result of these contaimantes and pollutants right in our foods...and the amount of food you consume ...the more you eat....the more poison you ingest, and alot of these poisons go uncheck reside in you for years, causing unnecessary damage. The big kicker here is that you go to a doctor...ones usually who don't believe in to much ( being indoctrinated for 8 years with negative or non pertinent information) will give you a pill...or tell you it's all in your head...instead of actually diagnosing the real issue "POISON" and prescribing the right antidote for the right poison.
This page will hopefully give you some answers click and look up the links and see what can transpire in your life....who knows you might find an antidote to your poison